No More Cold Showers

If you’re familiar with running out of hot water before you’re through with your shower, a tankless water heater may be for you. If you like conserving energy and saving your money too, tankless heaters are definitely for you.

These “on-demand” units typically operate on gas or electricity and only heat your water when you actually turn on the faucet. This feature eliminates the need, and cost, of keeping gallons upon gallons of water heated in a storage tank on standby. When you turn on the faucet, the unit draws cold water into its system, heats it inside its walls, and sends it back out hot. It will provide you with a continuous and unlimited supply of hot water, which is especially good news for you hot tub owners out there. Some units can deliver as much as 5 to 7 gallons per minute.

Tankless heaters use 20 to 50 percent less energy than traditional units with tanks. And while you’re doing your part to help the planet, Energy Star estimates that a certified tankless water heater could save a family of four about $95 per year on gas bills. The average unit lasts 20 years, so that’s $1,900 saved during the unit’s lifetime compared to a standard gas storage model, which typically lasts only 10 to 15 years.

While typical water heaters require annual maintenance to ensure a healthy lifetime, tankless units can go four to five years before any work is necessary. They also have a lower risk of causing water damage, leaks, or dreaded floods.

Still not convinced? Tankless heaters will save you precious space too. They are so compact, they can be mounted to walls or placed in cabinets or closets. Some units are even designed to be installed outside your house.

Smaller units are typically placed near the point of use, which eliminates possible heat loss through the piping. This placement also saves time and water usually wasted while waiting for it to get hot, providing you with your desired temperature within seconds, rather than minutes. Larger units for the whole home are available too and are capable of keeping your entire family warm. Sayonara, cold showers.

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