Colorado was named 2nd best place to retire!

Whether you are looking for a place to raise your family or start your career, there is no place quite like Colorado, which has lovely towns both big and small, and plenty of great jobs in every field imaginable. Come to find out, Colorado is not only a great place to work, but retire as well, coming in at number 2 on this national list:

According to WalletHub’s recently released list of the Best States to Retire, the Centennial State is the second-best place to be in America, thanks to several different factors. 
Coming in behind Florida, Colorado scored second best in a handful of categories, which – as per WalletHub’s methodology – includes affordability (adjusted cost of living and tax-friendliness on pensions & social security income, to name a few), quality of life (a la access to public transit and share of population aged 65+), and overall healthcare, all of which landed the Centennial State at the top of the list. 
Given all of this information, Colorado scored a whopping 60.99, just beating out New Hampshire (59.25) and trailing Florida (63.02). 
Now that you know that Colorado is one of the best places to retire, which are considered? As per WalletHub, the 5 worst places to retire in America are West Virginia, New Jersey, Rhode Island, New Mexico, and Kentucky.
To learn more WalletHub’s list of the “Best States to Retire” and what goes into their methodology, please visit their website.
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